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Accompanying children for them to spread their wings and fly, achieving their full potential.

Know Us

Welcome to
equipo en vuelo

We invite you to fly with us.

We are a team whose aim is to accompany our children in their development, providing them with the necessary tools to strengthen their occupational performance, together with the Family and School, with the objective of reaching their maximum potential, so that they can open their wings and fly.

Approach Areas

Occupational Therapy

Its objective is to develop and promote the occupational performance of our children (dressing, eating, hygiene, writing, social interaction) from different approaches (Sensory Integration, Neurodevelopment), working in an interdisciplinary way with the family, therapy team, and the school.

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We work with children and their families to help understand and explain children's development and behavior.
For this, the sessions are held not only individually, but also in groups.
Tools are provided to promote interaction, social skills, ...

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Detection and treatment of learning difficulties. Cognitive-behavioral treatment approach (in children with ASD).
Treatment of specific disorders...

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Training Courses

Recorded Online Course

Workshop: Evaluation, Handling and Positioning of Premature Babies

During the workshop we will focus on clinical reasoning in relation to the evaluation, handling and positioning of preterm newborns during hospitalization.

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Recorded Online Course

Babies and Beyond.
Episode 1:
15 to 18 months.

Learning Through Play: Representational Play and Tool Use.

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Recorded Online Course

Babies and Beyond.
Episode 2:
18 to 24 months.

Learning Through Play: Independence, Creativity and Symbolic Play

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Calle del Caminante 80, Vientos del Delta 1, oficina 426, Nordelta, Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

+54 9 4835 6237