Our objective is to develop and promote the occupational performance of our children (dressing, feeding, hygiene, writing, social interaction) from different approaches (Sensory Integration, Neurodevelopment), working in an interdisciplinary way with the therapeutic team, the family and the school.


Bayley Child Development Scale (III): It is applied from 0 to 43 months. Instrument that assesses child development. The main objectives are to detect possible delays in development and provide information to establish an intervention plan.

ABC Movement Motor Scale: Applied from 3 to 13 years old. The specific objective of the observations focuses on the perceptual-motor aspects of the child's performance (manual dexterity, throwing and receiving, and balance).

VMI: Beery-Buktenica development test of visual-motor integration. It is applied from 2 years.

SPM: Sensory Processing Measure (parham et al., 2007) is a scale based on the sensory integration theory of Ayres et al. (1979), which assesses the characteristics of sensory processing, social participation and praxis in children.

Sensory Profile-2 (ps-2): A standardized instrument that detects, from a series of questions answered by parents, how the child responds to sensory information from the environment, revealing whether there are hyper or hyposensitivity behaviors to certain sensory channels (tactile , smell/taste, visual, auditory, proprioceptive and vestibular).

General Coordinator
Tania Moronta OTR

Occupational Therapist. Bobath Neurodevelopment. Cert. Sensory Integration.

Occupational Therapists

Lic. María Eugenia Alvarez

Lic. Daniela Arcangeli

Lic. Gabriela Balboni

Lic. Natalia Baz

Lic. Constanza Cerimedo

Lic. Constanza Gasibe

Lic. Lucia Nadal

Lic. Valeria Forte

Lic. Josefina Cerrudo

Valentina Cogliati

Administrative Secretary

Cecilia García


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