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Neurosciences for Sensory Integration.

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Valeria Isaac, Mg. OT.

She earned her professional degree in Occupational Therapy, from the University of Chile, and later completed her master’s degree in Biological and Medical Sciences from the same university.

She is currently the founder and director of Neurosens, an organization dedicated to training professionals in sensory integration, and research, in Santiago (Chile).

Furthermore, she is a member of the Chilean Society of Neurosciences, member of ICEASI (International Council for Education in Ayres Sensory Integration), and a collaborating researcher for the Laboratory of Neurobiology of Audition at The University of Chile.

Her line of study and research is associated to areas of learning and sensory integration, and continues to participate in national and international seminars and congresses.


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Calle del Caminante 80, Vientos del Delta 1, oficina 426, Nordelta, Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

+54 9 4835 6237