Babies and Beyond.
Episode 1: 15 to 18 months.

Learning Through Play: Representational Play and Tool Use

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This episode has already been taught on April 9, but its recording can be purchased. It includes handouts and a certificate. The recording will be available for 10 days after registration.


Occupational Therapists, Kinesiologists, Physical Therapists, Speech Therapists, Doctors, and advanced students of these careers.


Theoretical Course. Application of clinical cases.


An environment enriched with sensory experiences, play and play materials provides experiences necessary to build a foundation for brain plasticity. This webinar will focus on the prerequisites for learning including self-regulation and praxis. The development of problem solving through play and tool use will be emphasized. Treatment strategies will focus on engineering an environment and play materials that support mastery and success with diverse populations.


. To review the concepts and requirements for learning.

. To analyze the importance of self-regulation, level of arousal, motivation, and experience as prerequisites for play.

. To evaluate the relationship between representational play, cognitive and language abilities.

. To develop intervention strategies for children who have difficulty with play skills.

. To design treatment strategies to facilitate tool use to enhance motor and cognitive abilities.


3 Online Recorded Courses.

Important! Each Webinar is independent from one another. It is possible to take one separately, or all 3. They are not correlative.

Follow-up material will be delivered and a digital certificate once the course is over.


Madonna Nash, OTR / L, C / NDT.

Received her degree in occupational therapy from the University of Illinois in 1978 and NDTACPM certification in 1982. She has been an NDTACPM/OT Instructor since 1984 and maintains active membership in NDTA and AOTA. She is certified in administration of the AHA (Assisting Hand Assessment). Madonna co-owned City Kids, Inc., a private practice in Chicago for 24 years. For the past five years she has managed META4KIDS, a private practice devoted to assessment, treatment, consultation, and teaching throughout the world. She has taught several NDTA Contemporary Practice Model Pediatric Certificate Courses, Advanced Baby, Upper Extremity Courses and blending NDTCPM and Sensory Processing courses throughout the United States, Europe, and South America. She published an article in the NDTA Network in June of 2020 on the Hidden Dangers of Baby Seats and Hands-Free Parenting.

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Access to one episode: US$ 60.

Access to the three episodes: US$ 140.

Registration includes follow-up material and a digital certificate.

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